January 16 – Blessed with Marriage

Thirty-seven years have passed since the birth of Isaac.  Sarah, Abraham’s faithful wife, has just died.  Abraham mourned the loss of his wife, who was his partner, companion and friend through life.  By this time, Abraham was now a very old man, and the LORD had blessed him in every way.  When his grieving subsided, the next thing on Abraham’s mind was to find a wife for Isaac.  He did not want Isaac to marry a local girl from the pagan land where they now lived, but instead Abraham looked to his hometown to find a mate suitable for his son.  I picture Abraham reminiscing about the years of life lived with his dedicated wife and he must have desired his son to be blessed with a godly wife as well.  As we will find out in the story of Isaac’s wife, it is a good and godly thing to pray for the future marriage partner of the children God has blessed us with.  Lord, I pray we would honor You by living faithfully with the spouse You have given to us and in doing so be a godly example for the next generation.  Please provide for our children marriage partners who love You above all else. May we live with the joy and blessing that comes when marriage is built on Your foundation.  Amen.

Genesis 24:1 NLT