January 19 – Bless God Who Leads in the Way of Truth

Oh, to be a prayerful, faithful servant.  When we start our day, do we ask for God’s direction and then take time to pray specifically for His intervention as we go about on our mission?  Abraham’s servant is a wonderful role model to us.  He not only prays but he wastes no time to praise God for providing an answer.  God’s Story records this account twice, first as the servant does it and then as he retells his story of God’s faithfulness to Rebekah’s family. And I bowed my head and worshiped the Lord, and blessed the Lord God of my master Abraham, who had led me in the way of truth to take the daughter of my master’s brother for his son.  The servant felt Rebekah was the answer to his prayer for Isaac but she still needed to respond.  That was a huge decision to make all in one day.  Her whole life could possibly change if she said yes.  But that is how life works.  One decision leads to a whole new set of possibilities.

What if a girl from Michigan never went to boot camp in South Carolina, and then on to training in Florida for an intelligence unit where she met a young Marine from Texas who was in Florida learning Morse code?  What if he never pursued her to Spain?  What if God did not intervene and reconcile each of them into His family?  What if on a rainy night he never asked the marriage question?  What if she did not reply, “Yes, I’ll marry you!”   As I have experienced in my own life, the journey offers several opportunities to respond and a different choice along the way brings about a very different conclusion.   A whole lot was resting on how Rebekah and her family took in the news from Abraham’s servant concerning a bride for Isaac.

Genesis 24:48 NKJV