January 21- Double Blessing: Twins!

Isaac was meditating as he walked along his property when he first saw Rebekah approaching on the back of a camel.  Whether or not it was love at first sight, we do not know, but God’s Story does say that Rebekah was beautiful.  Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebekah and she comforted him greatly in the loss of his mother.  Isaac deeply loved his wife and the couple had quite a while to get to know each other for Rebekah was barren for twenty years.  By this time Father Abraham lived until he reached the ripe old age of 175.  When he died his two sons, Ishmael and Isaac, buried him in the same cave with his dear wife Sarah.  After Abraham’s death, God blessed his son Isaac, who then lived near Beer Lahai Roi. 

One of the ways that God blessed Isaac was to answer his prayers on behalf of his wife who could not have children.  After two decades of married life, twins were born to Isaac and Rebekah.  What joy must have filled their tent!  The brothers grew up and Esau, the older of the two, became a skillful hunter.  Isaac loved the taste of wild meat, so of the two boys, Isaac favored Esau.  Rebekah, however, favored their son Jacob as he quietly enjoyed time with her among the tents.  Due to a famine in the land, the family moved to Gerar, yet God remained faithful in His promise to bless Isaac.  In the days to come, we will see more clearly how God continued to bless Isaac.

Genesis 25:11 NIV