January 23 – Blessed Provisions

God also blessed Isaac’s finances.  Substantially.  When Isaac planted his crops that year, he harvested a hundred times more grain than he planted, for the LORD blessed him.  The increase in Isaac’s wealth and power caused the king of that land to be fearful of Isaac so he sent him away.  Then there were conflicts over water rights and wells.  These disagreements brought about many quarrels and more moving.  It must have been a stressful time for the whole family.  But in stressed-filled times we can draw near to God who desires our closeness at all times as He provides what we need.

What I needed for my family back in the winter of 1992 was diapers.  God had blessed us with three babies in the span of twenty-eight months, which meant we went through a lot of diapers.  At the end of one of those months there were no diapers, and no money to buy them.  How we rejoiced when there was a check in our mailbox for just enough to get us through another round of diapers!  Years later we had three kiddos in college; diapers are expensive but college even more so!  Our mission board generously provided “X” amount toward scholarships but when we took a leave of absence from the mission field those scholarships were no longer available to us.  We would have a tuition fund shortage. God knew this and the very next day a Marine Corps scholarship was presented to us for the exact amount that the mission board previously provided.  God used the time we served in the Marine Corps as singles, to bless us as a family almost thirty years later.  Isaac was blessed with grain.  We were blessed with diapers and scholarships, and so much more.  God likes to bless His children.

Genesis 26:12 NLT