January 24 – Surprise Blessing

Isaac and his family were now in Beersheba, and the Lord appeared to him one night and said, “I am the God of your father Abraham.  Do not be afraid, for I am with you.  I will bless you and multiply your offspring because of My servant Abraham.”  Again, God blesses Isaac, and reminds him that He is faithful. He tells him that just as He was with Abraham, He will be with Isaac, too.  Isaac had moved quite a bit and it must have felt good to be settling his family in Beersheba.  He had just built an altar to worship the Lord and maybe Rebekah got the last picture hung on the tent wall before they received a surprise visitor.  Remember the king who sent Isaac away because he felt threatened by Isaac’s power?  Well now he traveled to find Isaac.  Was he coming for war or for peace? Did Isaac’s recent dream flash through his mind, hearing afresh that he did not need to be afraid?  The king came for peace and he wanted a treaty with Isaac because he could see that the Lord was with him. Along with other things the king said, You are now blessed by the Lord.”  In life we will have surprises.  There will be good times, hard times and times when we are astonished at how the times can change around.  May we seek and stay near to God during our transitions as well as in times of settledness.  Like Isaac, may we not be afraid, for He is with us.

Genesis 26:24, 29 HCSB