January 28 – Blessed to Be Spared

Tension continued to build in Isaac’s family.  Once again Rebekah tried to protect Jacob; this time, using marriage.  When she heard that Esau wanted to kill his brother Jacob, she made a plan for Jacob’s escape.  Rebekah told Isaac that she didn’t want Jacob to marry a Hittite woman but instead he needed to travel to her hometown to marry a woman from her family line.  Isaac summoned Jacob, blessed him, and commanded him: “Don’t take a wife from the Canaanite women.”  As a father, Isaac sends his son on the same journey that Abraham sent his trusted servant on years before.  Isaac instructed Jacob to marry one of his mother’s brother’s daughters.  And it will be intriguing how Rebekah’s brother Laban again becomes a part of God’s Story. I think that Laban might have had a challenge with greed and manipulation.  It is interesting that Jacob, on the run from out-maneuvering his brother, finds himself on a journey to live with Uncle Laban.  Uncle Laban was the needed shelter from this storm, however, God desires for there to be peace within our families.  Because we are often stiff-necked and stubborn, sometimes a little time and space is required for that desired peace to come about.  Jacob will find out later that pursuing peace is not for the cowardly.  May we be brave in the Lord to offer and accept both forgiveness and apologies for the sake of peace.

Genesis 28:1 HCSB