January 7 – Blessed to Be Fruitful

One generation followed another and things turned bad.  Mankind’s wickedness grew to the point that there were only evil thoughts and utter corruption at the heart of man.  God grieved that He had made the human race and with an aching heart He planned to wipe out everyone and everything that was alive.  Now enter the story of Noah, his family, the ark, animals coming in pairs and how they were spared as a great flood washed away everything else.  A rainbow was placed in the sky as a sign of the promise God made that a flood will never again destroy the earth.  Then God blessed Noah and his sons and told them, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth.” This new beginning began with a blessing.

In 2010 I taught Noah’s story with joy to a dozen young ladies in a Thai juvenile detention center.   Several in our group had been there long enough to contemplate the actions that led to their incarceration, which would interrupt life as they knew it for many years.  The world cast them off, but God was able to use their confinement for His goodness to be experienced.  On Tuesday and Thursday mornings they would meet with a team of ladies dedicated to sharing and showing God’s unconditional love.  Sitting in a circle on a cement floor, adding colors to a paper rainbow, I could see the beginning of hope in some faces as they took in the truth that God cares about justice and yet He offers the possibility of redemption- a new start even for those who feel as though their lives are over.  Please pray with me for one teenager in particular named Rain; may she trust in the God who made the rainbow and live in His blessings.

P.S. After over four and a half years in the detention center, Rain was released and I was blessed to reconnect with her in Thailand in the summer of 2015. As life is far from uncomplicated, please continue to pray for Rain to live out the full freedom she has in Jesus.


Genesis 9:1 NLT