February 1 – Asher: Blessed to Be Happy

Jacob fell head over heels in love with Rachel, his Uncle Laban’s youngest daughter.  Jacob worked hard for seven years to earn her hand in marriage only to discover on the morning after his wedding night that he had married her older sister, Leah instead!  How did he handle this deception? How did Leah feel about the whole situation?  I’m sure this state of affairs caused a little tension in Rachel’s life too.   Tricky Uncle Laban offered another work incentive program to Jacob and he worked an additional seven years for Rachel.   As Jacob spent time shepherding did he reflect on his life and remember how he had deceived his own brother Esau out of his blessing?

Sometimes what goes around comes around.  At any rate, the years had added up and by that point, Jacob had acquired many herds and flocks of animals, which meant his livelihood had grown.  Jacob’s family also grew.  His wives who were sisters were in steady competition to give him sons.  Rachel and Leah even provided Jacob with their maidservants to expand the family.  Zilpah, Leah’s maid, bore Jacob [her] second son. And Leah said, I am happy, for women will call me blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied); and she named him Asher [happy].  Jacob now had eight sons.  His number was indeed increasing and this was just the beginning of the blessing passed down from God to Abraham to Isaac and now to Jacob coming to fruition.

Genesis 30:12-13 AMP