February 10 – Blessing Grandchildren

Jacob asked about Joseph’s two sons who were born to him in Egypt.  The grandfather then said, “Bring them to me so I may bless them.”  Even though age had robbed Jacob of clear sight he hugged and kissed his two grandsons.  With his hand on the heads of Joseph’s sons, Ephraim (the younger) and Manasseh (the older), Israel began.  Then he blessed Joseph and said, “May the God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked faithfully, the God who has been my shepherd all my life to this day, the Angel who has delivered me from all harm—may he bless these boys.  May they be called by my name and the names of my fathers Abraham and Isaac, and may they increase greatly on the earth.”  It was a very moving time for the three generations of men, the descendants of Abraham and Sarah.  This unexpected reunion was indeed a blessing from God.  And blessings continued to flow from Israel’s heart and lips.

Genesis 48:9b, 15-16 NIV