February 19 – Blessing God Matters

There were a wide variety of laws passed down from God to Moses and many of these same laws are recorded in the four books that follow Genesis: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  God was crystal clear that other gods were not to be called upon (do not invoke the names of other gods) for He alone made the covenant with the people Israel. “In all I have said to you take heed; do not mention the name of other gods [either in blessing or cursing]; do not let such speech be heard from your mouth.”  Other “gods” are not God.  That may seem straightforward to us, but many people struggle with this truth.  A Chinese taxi driver and Russell had a conversation about God as the taxi crawled through afternoon traffic.  When Russell had shared the new covenant hope through Jesus, the cab driver commented, “Gods are gods.  Jesus?  Buddha?  Same-same”.  Russell responded, “People are people.  When I get out someone else can pay.  O.K.?” “What?  I drove you; you pay me.” “I guess you are right; it’s not the same.  There is only one God who has paid my debt and who provides for me.  That is the only God I will honor.”  Who we say God is matters to God.

Exodus 23:13 AMP