February 24 – Blessed Not to Be Anxious

Over the next forty years or so, God, through Moses, sets in place many laws and standards which affected the religious duties, diet, hygiene, the political and social responsibilities, as well as the morality of this young nation. These laws guided the Israelites so they could function on a daily basis. One law that gave interesting direction was about farming. Every seventh year the land was to remain fallow; dormant and uncultivated.

I am blessed to have had grandparents who were farmers, for I feel a sense of special connection to the earth. While riding through the countryside in various seasons I like to see how crops are growing.  When I fly and look upon farmland from the perspective I picture God having, I’m fascinated how fields cover the earth like a well-stitched quilt.  Although I am not an expert, even I know that fallow land normally does not produce food.  But so the people in the time of Moses didn’t worry about starvation, God assured them: I will send you such a blessing in the sixth year that the land will yield enough for three years.” 

When the Israelites followed the decrees and laws of God, they lived safely and were blessed with God’s good provisions. God is still the provider of what we need today. Even though Russell and I have never owned a home, we have never been homeless in all our years of placing God’s Kingdom first. Through many wonderful and varied situations we continue to be blessed by God’s provisions. The faithfulness of our Father is good to remember, for He wants us to be anxious for nothing but to talk to Him in prayer for what it is we need.  And in doing so, to be thankful.

Leviticus 25:21 NIV