February 25 – Blessed to Know That Pride Is Not the Answer

Over and over again God told His people that blessings would come from Him, and in specific ways, if only they would obey the good laws He had put in place which were for their benefit.  Yet, God knows human hearts and so He also tells them how they will be punished if they choose to follow their own stubborn, prideful ways. And I will break and humble your pride in your power, and I will make your heavens as iron [yielding no answer, no blessing, no rain] and your earth [as sterile] as brass.”  Even with the lessons of the past to learn from, today we are often no different than the generations before us.  We are frequently bent in a sinful direction of selfishness.  Oh, for the blessings that would flow if only we would choose to live in obedience to God.

Russell and I arrived in Texas during the drought of 2011.  With the average rainfall for the year at about 11 inches, it made it the driest year of Texas history (and the history of droughts in the area goes back to the days of Spanish exploration in the 1500’s).  Traveling the dry and depressing land to preach and to support our son’s soccer team, we read sign after sign, along the highways, in small towns and in bigger ones, with the words, “Pray for rain”.  The sky was like iron and rain was desperately needed.  In times like these it seemed like everyone was calling out to God for His intervention.  But when the rains come, do we thank Him, or return to our prideful thinking that says we can live without Him?

Leviticus 26:19 AMP