February 27 – Blessed to Be Guided by God

Everyone is packed up for the Promised Land and the marching orders have been given when Moses asked one of his relatives to come along as their guide.  One day Moses said to his brother-in-law, Hobab son of Reuel the Midianite, “We are on our way to the place the Lord promised us, for he said, ‘I will give it to you.’ Come with us and we will treat you well, for the Lord has promised wonderful blessings for Israel!”  “You know the places in the wilderness where we should camp. Come, be our guide. If you do, we’ll share with you all the blessings the Lord gives us.” 

Hobab may have known where to camp, but it was the Lord who provided the guidance as the Israelites followed the cloud and fire over the tabernacle.  In our life journey we are very tempted to seek out human guides and that may be helpful, but I pray we do not miss out on the ways God personally desires to mark the path before us.  Destination is important, but so is the adventure of the journey as we learn and grow close to God along the way.

Numbers 10:29, 31-32 NLT