February 8 – Blessing Others as a Result of Being Blessed

The handsome and well-built Joseph became quite the Egyptian ruler over the years but before that happened he finds himself thrown into prison because he did not give in to the advances of his master’s wife.  Although not as serious as the episode with Potiphar’s wife, I’m grateful that Russell knew how to resist an unwanted approach.  In broad daylight on a public street in our little Chinese town, a “professional” woman asked him to come into her shop for a haircut.  He responded, “Uh, I don’t have any hair.”  “That’s ok,” she purred, “I don’t have any scissors.”

Back in Egypt, Joseph was put in charge of the prison that he himself was thrown into. Through a series of dreams and interpretation of dreams Pharaoh is made aware that the spirit of God was in Joseph, so he promoted Joseph over all of Egypt.  During this time there is an extreme famine and who comes asking for food, but Joseph’s brothers.  Long story short, there was great rejoicing when Joseph finds out that his father, Jacob, is still living.

When Jacob arrived in Egypt with the rest of his clan, Joseph presented his father before Pharaoh.   After Jacob blessed Pharaoh, Pharaoh asked him, “How old are you?” And Jacob said to Pharaoh, “The years of my pilgrimage are a hundred and thirty. My years have been few and difficult, and they do not equal the years of the pilgrimage of my fathers.” Then Jacob blessed Pharaoh and went out from his presence.  I have a feeling that in his wildest dreams Jacob never thought that he would one day be blessing Egypt’s number one man. Russell did not start out in a prison or end up in a royal palace, but he eventually led church planting work in five countries.  When we stay near God, who knows how we may be led by Him to bless others.

Genesis 47:7b-10 NIV