March 20 – Blessed Tribes

In a book filled with blessings, it is appropriate that the end of Deuteronomy would have another concentration of blessings.  This is the blessing that Moses, the man of God, gave the Israelites before his death.  Years before, these names were simply the names of Jacob’s sons.  Now we read that these same names have expanded into the tribes of Israel.  We see how God’s promises come true as each “son” is now a tribe and each tribe grows like stars in the sky.

About the tribe of Levi Moses said, “LORD, bless his possessions, and accept the work of his hands.” Joseph’s clan’s blessings:  “May his land be blessed by the LORD…”  He said this about Gad’s people: “The one who enlarges Gad’s territory will be blessed.”  Picture Moses looking right into the eyes of those in Naphtali’s tribe when he spoke the next blessing. “Naphtali, enjoying approval, full of the LORD’s blessing, take possession to the west and the south.”  Do you remember how happy Leah was when her maid gave birth to Jacob’s eighth son?  The final blessing was for this eighth son, for Asher’s descendants. The Hebrew meaning of his name is “happy, blessed, fortunate”: “May Asher be the most blessed of the sons 

Moses blessed each tribe and each blessing was a little different because each of God’s people is a little different, yet God loves us all. The abounding blessing of redemption through His Son Jesus is now offered to every one of us.  How will we respond to the blessings we are given?

Deuteronomy 33:1; 11; 13; 20; 23; 24 HCSB