March 24 – Some Blessings Need to Be Asked For

Caleb was one mighty octogenarian. He received his portion of land and began to drive out the inhabitants who did not honor God.  This took strength, bravery, wisdom and trust that God was on his side.  Caleb offered his daughter in marriage to the man who was able to capture a certain city within his new domain.  When she arrived to set up her new home her dad Caleb asked her what it was she wanted.

I wonder if Achsah thought about asking for fine china as a wedding gift, but then decided it would be even better to have water. “Give me a blessing. Since you have given me land in the Negev, give me the springs of water also.” So he gave her the upper and lower springs.   This pioneer woman was then able to water her gardens, her herds, do laundry and have fresh water for cooking and for making lemonade. What a good blessing to ask for and to receive.  Her husband and household would indeed be blessed!

Can you imagine how challenging simple day-to-day living would be without access to water?  At times when we lived in various places there would be days without the convenience of electricity. Even in countries which are considered to be developed, when a major storm hits, power outages can be experienced and often the extended community steps in to offer help.  But when there is not access to water, life takes on a whole new level of challenge.  Caleb’s daughter, Achsah, got the special favor she asked for: water.

Sometimes we go without because we do not ask.  Other times we are like Caleb, the ones who are in the position to extend the blessing.  Around the world today people still have the need to receive clean water.  The good news is there are many opportunities to be involved with well drilling projects. Let’s be part of the solution!

P.S. It makes me so happy that a portion of the proceeds from The Blessing Book (the Devotional as well as the Study Guide) are given to Living Water International, a Christian well-drilling ministry that provides water for life in Jesus’ name. Thank you for blessing others around the world with the gift of water and the opportunity to demonstrate the love of God.

Joshua 15:19 HCSB