March 25 – The Blessing of Good Leaders

Joshua’s main role at this point in history was to divide territories for all the tribes and clans of Israel.   This division was accomplished by casting lots and recognizing which tribes were big enough to completely take over the new land. Dividing up the Promised Land was not always a clear-cut easy job for God’s leader and, at times, Joshua’s decisions were questioned.

The descendants of Joseph came to Joshua and asked, “Why have you given us only one portion of land as our homeland when the Lord has blessed us with so many people?”  Joshua reassessed, gave more territory to Joseph’s tribe and encouraged them that even though the Canaanites were strong and had chariots of iron, Joseph’s descendants could drive them out.

Good, godly leadership is not easy to come by.  God told Joshua often to be brave and I believe that this encouraged him.  We can then see in the life of Joshua how he encouraged others to be brave too.  God, we pray for our leaders today.  May those that are in authority take the time to seek You for wisdom and to lead with integrity.  I pray that when it is our time to lead (in big and little ways) we would do the same.  Thank You God for being our good Leader.  Amen.

Joshua 17:14b NLT