April 10 – Blessed to Be Close to God

God indeed will replace Saul with a man after God’s own heart and Samuel anointed David but he does not become the new king right away.  As a shepherd boy, David learned many valuable life skills.  The close relationship he developed and maintained with God was perhaps his greatest asset.  David, seeking to honor God, killed Goliath when he was still too young to fill out Saul’s armor. Saul got to know David better when David came to play music to comfort him. Saul’s own son Jonathan established a meaningful friendship with David and David even married Saul’s daughter.  By this time, David was an intricate part of Saul’s family.

But because of David’s growing popularity as a warrior, Saul became increasingly jealous of him and even wanted to take his life.  One time in particular, Saul was out searching for David and got a lead on David’s whereabouts.  Saul replied to those who had helped him, “The Lord bless you for your concern for me.”  Even when it may have seemed to David that everyone was out to get him, God protected David from Saul’s pursuits.

It was during this season that David poured out his heart to the Lord in songs.  How we respond in times of unfair treatment can tell us a lot about ourselves.  Closeness to God can make all the difference.

1 Samuel 23:21 NIV