April 19 – Kindness Returns Blessing for Blessing

David became the king of Judah and continued to honor Saul even after his death.  Men of Jabesh-Gilead carefully buried King Saul and David sent this message to them, “The Lord bless you, because you have shown this kindness to Saul your lord when you buried him. Now, may the Lord show kindness and faithfulness to you, and I will also show the same goodness to you because you have done this deed. Therefore, be strong and courageous, for though Saul your lord is dead, the house of Judah has anointed me king over them.” 

Many years later David was anointed king over all of Israel, fulfilling the promise the Lord made through Samuel.  David would learn that with a very powerful position comes great responsibility.  David went out of his way to bless those who had acted in kindness.  Have we had some form of kindness shown to us recently?  If so, how will we return that blessing with a blessing?

2 Samuel 2:5-7 HCSB