April 5 – Proper Pursuit Led to Blessings

Ruth met with Boaz at the threshing floor and he was pleased to see her. I envision him looking at her with adoration as he said,  “May the LORD bless you, my daughter. You have shown more kindness now than before, because you have not pursued younger men, whether rich or poor.”   Wedding bells are going to ring for Ruth and Boaz!  By following Naomi’s guidance, Ruth has met a man who not only cares for her but is also able to provide her a place in the community.  Boaz was offering Ruth a second chance at married love and by doing so he was blessed with a lovely, loyal wife.

It looks like God was answering the prayer that Naomi prayed when she was about to leave Moab.  Back in Moab there were tears of sadness and even bitterness. Rather than taking matters into her own hands, Naomi took the situation to God and prayed for something specific for her daughters-in-law.  Naomi asked that God would bless them with a second happy marriage.  With God in the picture, bitter hearts can change making room for joy to come.  Blessings can then flow.  It happened then, and with God in charge, His blessings continue to flow today.  Everyone was delighted with the arrangement but the story doesn’t end here.

Ruth 3:10 HCSB