May 11 – Blessed by God to Bless the Lord

King David and his son Absalom eventually reconciled over the tragedy that left Amnon dead, but Absalom was bent on rebellion and conspired to overthrow his father and replace King David as king.  David was torn: he did not want Absalom to be harmed yet he wanted to protect the rest of his family too.   King David fled with his family to keep them safe and to focus on his responsibility of reigning over and leading Israel.

Psalm 3 is a prayer of desperation, and David called to God because many enemies had risen up against him. What begins in fear becomes a song of assurance as David proclaims that the Lord is his shield and the One who sustains. By the end, David is singing, “From the LORD comes deliverance. May Your blessing be on Your people.”

Psalm 26 includes a similar theme of thankfulness for deliverance and ends with, “My foot stands on level ground; in the great assembly I will bless the Lord.”  In painful times of great uncertainty and betrayal, David found reassurance in the Lord who is faithful.  Do we look for and find reassurance in Him?  May God’s blessing be on His people, and as His people, may we be faithful to bless the Lord.

P.S. It was a normal check-up on a Monday when a newlywed couple heard the happy news that they were expecting a baby. Upon further examination there was not a baby but a potentially cancerous five pound cyst that needed immediate removal. “God is good. We had decided that we would say and believe this statement regardless of the results.” I am thankful to God for Asia and Tyler and their commitment to faithfully trust God’s goodness in times of great uncertainty.

Psalm 3:8 NIV; Psalm 26:12 ESV