May 24 – A Blessing within a Parenthesis

Duties were divvied up in preparation to build the Temple.  Priests were needed as well as singers, musicians, gatekeepers, treasurers, judges, and the military, not to mention the manpower it took in skilled and manual labor to actually build the Temple.  On one of the lists of names of gatekeepers, Obed-Edem and his eight capable sons were acknowledged. And then a little parenthesis: (For God had blessed Obed-Edom.)  Do you remember this family?  They were the ones entrusted with the ark of God before King David moved it to Jerusalem.  They had a job to do, they faithfully followed through, and they were blessed.  It took all kinds to live for God back then, and it takes all kinds now.

I’m grateful that Dr. Cutrer followed God and used his medical training to save my life, deliver Hannah with an emergency C-section and then fourteen months later, he brought Sophie from purple to healthy when she was born.  The following year, Isaiah was born and Dr. Bill was recovering from heart surgery.  Then about twenty years later, on a Saturday morning, Dr. Bill began the day on a bike ride and ended it in the presence of the God he loved.

Russell and I met Dr. Bill Cutrer and his wife Jane in the Sunday school class he taught for newly married couples.  Back in those days many of these young husbands were students at Bible colleges in Dallas.  The godly influence of the Cutrer family continues to point people to live for Jesus, to study diligently, to overcome by God’s grace and to joyfully serve through the job they’ve been given.   This morning I awoke with a line from Dr. Bill’s favorite praise hymn on my mind.  The song,  And Can it Be that I Should Gain, is rich in theology and asks the question, “How can it be that thou, my God shouldst die for me?”  Like the song goes on to point out, this kind of love is amazing.  And it gives us plenty to ponder.

God blessed Obed-Edom.  He blessed the eighteenth century songwriter Charles Wesley.  He blessed Bill Curter.  Each of these men, and many more throughout His Story, have lived and have now passed from this life.  Let’s live doing good today, for today is what we have been given.

1 Chronicles 26:5b NIV