May 6 – Jesus Is the Blessed Bread of My Life

David’s reflection on challenging times begins the 132nd Psalm, but then he becomes hopeful and his writing reveals it. Faithfulness is God’s desire for His people, and He tells David that his descendants would always be on the throne if they keep His decrees.  God is a Promise Keeper and we can trace the genealogy of Jesus back to King David.  Praise the Lord that King Jesus will forever be on the throne!

This is My resting place forever; I will make My home here because I have desired it. I will abundantly bless its food; I will satisfy its needy with bread.”  Isn’t it interesting that many years later Jesus says that He is the Bread of Life?  Do we see ourselves as needy?  A good perspective is when we recognize that our need for being fulfilled is met by God.  When we feast on Jesus we will never go hungry.  Jesus wants us to have blessed lives, full and satisfying.

Psalm 132:14-15 HCSB