June 1 – Bless the Lord, You Who Fear Him

Bless the Lord, O house of Israel!Bless the Lord, O house of Aaron! Bless the Lord, O house of Levi!   This makes sense in a Jewish culture.  Due to their personal connection with God Jews are to praise Him.  But what about those who do not have a Jewish genealogy?  The original blessing given to Abraham promised that all nations on earth would be blessed to be a blessing.  The world is blessed to praise God.  I believe that the psalmist indicated with the next verse that non-Jewish people too are included in the praising: You who fear the Lord, bless the Lord! Do we fear the Lord?  That is good.

We can join in praising the Lord, like the psalmist, for His greatness in creation.  We can sing of His power over the weather and His ability to defeat His enemies throughout time. God is all-powerful and we are reminded that He has no patience for idols or for those who trust in them.  The sooner mankind understands this the better!  Blessed be the Lord out of Zion, Who dwells in Jerusalem!  Jesus came from Heaven to Jerusalem as the fulfillment of Jewish prophesy.  He was God from the beginning and throughout the New Testament we see His greatness and His goodness.  So what is a healthy response to our Lord?  To praise Him!   We were made to know Him, to bless Him, to love Him and to make Him known.   Bless the Lord!

Psalm 135:19-21 NKJV