June 18 – Blessed to Celebrate!

During the Temple dedication, the people were urged to fully commit to the Lord, live by His decrees, and obey His commands. The festivities included a lot of sacrifices, and the celebration, lead by Solomon, went on for two weeks. Everyone who attended blessed the king and went home, exuberant with heartfelt gratitude for all the good God had done for his servant David and for his people Israel.

God likes a good celebration!  Let’s get good at it for a whole lot of celebrating will take place in Heaven.  Heaven is the future home for all who believe.  How real is Heaven to you?  Are we preparing now for that final move?  If you knew you were going to move from the US to Germany, studying German as soon as you could would be a great investment.  When our family was relocated to London, England I learned about linguistic differences between US English and British English in a little phrase book Russell gave me.  Another book, Watching the English, clued me in on many cultural distinctions that helped me relate more effectively with our new neighbors.

I smile when I hear a flight attendant say, “If such-and-such city is your final destination, weather upon landing is so-and-so.” My final destination is Heaven.  Long ago Jesus not only paid for my ticket with His life on a cross, he bought my permanent citizenship.  There is no need to worry about turbulence or missing a connection, and it thrills me that I will travel light; I won’t even need a carry-on!  Only God knows when that flight will take place, but I love preparing for life in the home He is preparing for me by celebrating life and fully living it now.

1 Kings 8:66b MSG