June 6 – All Praise to Jesus Whom God Has Blessed Forever

One of the explanations of this poetic psalm is that it was written in the time of King Solomon about the Messiah yet to come.  Jesus the mighty Warrior, victorious in truth, humility and justice, will be established on a throne that will never be shaken.  His position and authority are solid. And one day there will be a great wedding as Jesus is united with His bride, the church.

The time leading up to our oldest daughter, Hannah, and her fiancée Andrew’s wedding was full of happy preparations.  Lists were compiled and double-checked to be sure that all of the meaningful details were adequately cared for as we kept a joyful wedding day in our sights.  The morning of the wedding, we gathered in the renovated neighborhood fire station to decorate it for the reception. I love remembering how Hannah and her bridesmaids laughed as they practiced the line dance they would do together later that night.  Evening came, the church filled with guests, and Hannah was a joyful, stunning, composed bride.  Her mind was free to focus on their marriage vows and to savor the festivities of their wedding.

Are we, as the church, the Body of Christ, mindfully preparing for the wedding yet to come?  Do we live in happy anticipation, waiting for Jesus our Bridegroom?  The psalmist writes,  You are the most excellent of men and your lips have been anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever.”  God’s blessing mentioned here is to His Son and the poem continues on to show His strength and justice.  The words form a picture of a wedding in which beauty and honor are elevated and joyful praise is the outcome.  May the excitement build as each day brings the wedding celebration closer.

Psalm 45:2 NIV