July 10 – The Lord’s Hand of Blessing

When Russell and I first got married and before the babies came, we read the book of Isaiah aloud together.  It was my first exposure to this book. Isaiah’s writings cover many warnings and blessings over a wide span of years and he wrote of prophecies that have now been fulfilled and of prophecies that offer future expectations.  He remains Russell’s favorite prophet and it was easy for the two of us to agree on “Isaiah” as the name of our only son, an early Christmas gift given to our family in 1992.  I love remembering how his two older sisters, who were quite young themselves, held their baby brother with great care.  In order to keep up with them, Isaiah was walking on his first birthday and since then, I have prayed that he would walk with integrity.

A man of great integrity, Isaiah the prophet, told it the way it was during the dark times for God’s people. Isaiah also offered hope for that period as well as hope for the future. Isaiah said that God would destroy death forever and that He would wipe away the tears from every face.   In that day people will proclaim, “This is our God!  We trusted in him and he saved us!  This is the Lord, in whom we trusted.  Let us rejoice in the salvation he brings! For the Lord’s hand of blessing will rest on Jerusalem.”

Sometimes the blessings we read about are for the future and our anticipation grows when we think about what is yet to come. Justice will prevail.  God indeed has a hand of blessing. And this is not the only time we will read about His hand wiping away all tears. There is a lot of good yet before us!  Bless God!

Isaiah 25:9-10a NLT