July 2 – Wrestle and Plead for God’s Blessing

Because of rampant immorality, violence, lies, and all sorts of idolatry, both Israel and Judah will fall as their rebellions continue.  Hosea’s reference to God’s Story is a reminder that the Israelites came from a heritage that knew and loved the Lord. Then Hosea mentioned Jacob. Yes, he wrestled with the angel and won. He wept and pleaded for a blessing from him. There at Bethel he met God face to face, and God spoke to him—the Lord God of Heaven’s Armies, the Lord is his name! So now, come back to your God. Act with love and justice, and always depend on him. 

I wrestle every day – my will or God’s will?  We again need to hear what Hosea clearly said: Come back to your God!   May our hearts beat for the things that God is for: justice, mercy, love, and humility.  God, we need to depend on You.  And when we do have deep dependency on You, You empower us not to give in to immorality, violence, cheating and other vices that tempt us.  Help us not to fall for substitutions but to find our satisfaction in You. God, we plead for Your blessing.  Amen.

Hosea 12:4-6 NLT