July 20 – Sin Can Rob Me of Blessings

Rather than living in awe of an awesome God, God’s people not only neglected to thank Him for His blessings, but they pursued evil as if wickedness were a treasure.  As they broke all of the Ten Commandments and then some, their sins left them hungry for more sin. Goodness from a good God is not at all what they were experiencing at this point in the Story.  Your wickedness has deprived you of these wonderful blessings. Your sin has robbed you of all these good things. Throughout history, mankind has not been content with good alone, as was established in the Garden of Eden, but has added evil to it.  May God help us break this cycle of treasuring sin in our own lives and in our communities, so once again we can thank Him for His generous blessings to us.

As I edit this portion of The Blessing Book it is November and I’m reflecting on the Lord’s goodness.  I’m so thankful for forgiveness of my sins and I’m so grateful for the bonus of living in God’s wonderful blessings – too many to count.  My sin could have robbed me of all the joy of being in God’s family but thanks to Jesus, I am forgiven.  And I’m blessed as my family is extended and includes Hannah’s new married family too. Our kitchen was filled with the smells of Thanksgiving.  I had time before the Minicks met up at the Roberts’ to enjoy good food together, so I rode my bike to Houston’s Memorial Park and locked it to a pole.  The crisp autumn air was perfect for running laps. My eyes and ears focused on people from a variety of countries who were spending their holiday morning at the park.  I thought back to the first Thanksgiving when Pilgrims and Native Americans thanked God together.  Praying for those on the running trail increased my gratitude. I asked God to bless everyone I saw with good food to share with family, and more than that, to know the God of every good blessing.

Getting back to Jeremiah’s admonition, may we trade wickedness (if that is too strong of a word we could use selfishness, or a number of other words that mean sin) for wholesomeness, and live in awe of God with gratitude.  As God’s people we can celebrate Thanksgiving in July too!

Jeremiah 5:25 NLT