July 3 – What Good is the Blessing of a Goddess?

God called a shepherd named Amos to speak to His people, to warn those who needed to hear it.  Amos lived at the same time as Hosea so we know that at least two people were seeking to help God’s people get back on track with the Lord.  Through Amos, God’s message about the judgment to come was directed at those who appeared religious, but in their actual day-to-day lives they oppressed the poor and the needy.  “On Judgment Day, lovely young girls will faint of Word-thirst, robust young men will faint of God-thirst, along with those who take oaths at the Samaria Sin-and-Sex Center, saying, ‘As the lord god of Dan is my witness!’ and ‘The lady goddess of Beer-sheba bless you!’ Their lives will fall to pieces. They’ll never put it together again.”

Although this message was spoken long ago, do we need to pay attention to the warnings today? Yes.  There is a day of judgment coming, and looking “religious” is not going to cut it with God. If the alternative to looking religious is that we could really enjoy life and live for God now, what changes would we need to make?  Asking “who is God?” is a very good starting point.  If God is God, and we are not, let us drink in His teaching with great expectations!  But if we live like we are God, then good luck; judgment day may find us very thirsty.

Amos 8:13-14 MSG