July 5 – Bless Our Children, Lord

History is long and complicated and sometimes I wonder if people really ever make lasting personal changes from studying the past.  God’s people have had good examples, bad examples, warnings, punishment, restoration, and I marvel at God’s loving patience and mankind’s stubborn rebellion.  I also marvel at God’s continued patience in my own life and I am daily thankful.  As a prophet to the people of Judah, Micah observed that although leaders should know what is right and what is just, they instead love evil and hate good.  How sad it is that the enemy of God is His very own people.

Micah speaks for God when he says, “You force the women of My people out of their comfortable homes, and you take My blessing from their children forever.”  No one wants to hear the news that judgment is coming, or that captivity is a result of our own selfish, evil, repetitive crimes of injustice.  When we live fat and comfortable in our sin, why would we want to change?  Micah’s warnings are mixed with the blessings that are for the remnant who remain faithful to God.  Are we in the camp of the rebels, or are we living loyally to the Lord?  In this situation there is no Switzerland.

Micah 2:9 HCSB