August 20 – Ask for Blessings

It had been fourteen years since Ezra returned to Jerusalem. Word got back to Nehemiah, a Jew serving in the Persian palace, that Jerusalem’s city walls were still in disarray.  As the newly appointed governor to Jerusalem, Nehemiah received a commission from the Persian king to make the journey to Jerusalem to help revitalize the city.  Nehemiah was faithful and put into motion the task before him as he rallied the work force to focus on rebuilding the city walls.  Nehemiah was a man who cared for God’s people and talked to the Lord in prayer.  Remember, O my God, all that I have done for these people, and bless me for it. God did bless him: the wall was completed in fifty-two days! Even Israel’s enemies had acknowledged that God had accomplished the task!

We had been living in our supervisor’s home in London while they were on an extended stay in the US, and my Bible reading for the year had me at this point in God’s Story.  Although a lot of good was coming from our living situation, I was anxious to move into our own place and begin to establish our identity in that new area.  For fifty-two days in a row I prayed, and house after house that we sought to rent fell through.  I remember thinking how Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of a whole city with God’s help.  Certainly God could help us find a home.  And He did.  And I grew closer to God in the anticipation of His provision.

His desire was to give us more than just a house; He provided this home at just the right time so we could host a house-warming Christmas party as the conclusion of a counseling class I attended at the local university.  So, my classmates –  students of various ages from a variety of countries, heard more good news of Jesus while we gathered in our new 110-year-old home.  What great (or small) thing does the Lord want to accomplish through you?   Are you talking to Him about it?   Prayer brings us closer to the One who desires to give to us the desires of our hearts.

Nehemiah 5:19 NLT