August 27 – Blessed with Voice to Bless the Lord

Several months had passed and at the end of the first chapter of Luke’s first book, we read about the birth of the baby that leaped in Elizabeth’s womb back when Mary visited.  Now it is Elizabeth’s husband Zechariah’s turn to speak out a blessing.  For the past nine months, Zechariah had been unable to talk because he doubted the angel who said that he would have a son. So when he was asked about naming his son, he wrote on a tablet, “His name is John.”  And immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he spoke, blessing God.  How happy he must have been to get his voice back!  I pray we would never lose our voice when we have the opportunity to sing forth the praises of God who is so very worthy.

My mind goes back to the many different times in my life when I have strived to learn a new language.  Some people appear to be blessed and new languages seem to flow effortlessly; not so with me.  Intentional language study can build up vocabulary and confidence.  Intentional Bible study can increase wisdom and love for God.  But in both cases the need to take the study and put it into loving action is essential to really live out the purpose of the study.  Life changes when we give appropriate love to those God places in our path, those who need to know and see and hear and feel just how real and good God is.  How happy I am when words do come together and my tongue is loosed and the things I say intersect with a kind deed and the outcome blesses God.  After nearly a year of silence, Zechariah blessed God with his voice.

An added side-note: In August of 2014 our family gathered for what we thought was a surprise birthday party for Hannah, but we were all surprised when Hannah and Andrew announced that they were expecting a baby!  In order for them to personally tell others, she asked me not  to share the happy news for a few days. I felt like Zechariah during that time, but then the world heard, “I’m going to be a Grammie!”

Luke 1:64 ESV