August 28 – We Have Deliverance and Redemption; Blessed to Bless

Are you as curious as I am to hear what it was that Zechariah first said now that he could speak? He began with:  Blessed (praised and extolled and thanked) be the Lord, the God of Israel, because He has come and brought deliverance and redemption to His people!  Zechariah ends his praise and prophecy by saying that his son John would prepare the way for the Lord, the Lord who will give light to those in darkness and guidance to the path of peace.  We can be so thankful that the Lord Jesus still guides His children from darkness to peace.  Praise God for how He rescues and redeems and redirects.  Later John would indeed call out as one in the desert.  Known as John the Baptizer, he prepared the way for the Lord and he urged people to repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.  This was an exciting time and John raised a bit of a stir among the religious leaders of that day.  But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself in God’s Story.

Luke 1:68 AMP