November 10 – Sins Are Covered; We Are Blessed!

Paul wrote about the great joy and delight that awaits those who have been rescued – those who have received forgiveness of their sins, and he wanted to make it clear that the redemption that takes place is by faith and not by works. As he made his point to his readers in Rome, he brought up the fact that King David celebrated this same truth. Likewise, David also speaks of the blessing of the man God credits righteousness to apart from works: How joyful are those whose lawless acts are forgiven and whose sins are covered!” All who have asked for forgiveness from God the Father through Jesus are blessed! We are then free to work, serve, and live in joy trusting that our sins are covered. Jesus covered all our sins with his blood – shed for mankind at Calvary, a real place outside of Jerusalem where His crucifixion occurred. Every blessing beyond what Jesus did for us on the cross is blessing upon blessing.

When the first SD believer understood the goodness of a loving, forgiving, holy God, he was amazed at God’s generosity. But he could not fathom that redemption was a gift. Instead he wanted to do something to pay God back. He asked us, “What does God like? Does He want fruit? Rice? Meat?” Grace, apart from works, was explained with more clarity. God does not want or need food from us; He is the One who blesses His children with all that we need. Greater awe, joy and gratitude flowed from a forgiven heart that humbly accepted God’s blessings. May we never lose our admiration of God who is worthy of all our praise. Are we joyful today because our lawless acts are forgiven? We who trust in Jesus have our sins covered! May joy and praise abound.

Romans 4:6-7 HCSB