November 24 – Chained Blessings from Paul

Many important points were made clear in Paul’s short letter to the Colossians, including the truth that Jesus is supreme above all and that He should be the focus of our lives. An embrace of those facts will shape our relationship with Him and with people. Connecting with others in honest ways about both the good and the trying situations can be a great place to start to share God’s faithfulness and care. Paul did this as he signed his letter: I, Paul, [add this final] greeting, writing with my own hand. Remember I am still in prison and in chains. May grace (God’s unmerited favor and blessing) be with you! Amen (so be it). Paul did not gloss over the fact that he was in prison, and it was from that position that he wrote about God’s grace. He was experiencing the goodness of grace and he wanted others to participate in God’s blessing. When we correspond with people, may we ask for God’s blessing and favor to be upon those who receive our letters. Blessings are a good thing to share! I love how Proverbs 25:25 communicates this idea in an easy-to-picture way. It says that good news from a distant land is like the blessing of cold water when you have a parched throat. Paul knew how to quench the thirst of others and he was good at offering Jesus who is Living Water for our souls, for our very lives.

Colossians 4:18 AMP