TheBlessingBook is a chronological daily devotional from Genesis to Revelation. Your familiarity with the flow of God’s Story will grow as you experience stories of people blessed to be blessings.

We are glad to have you join us on this journey of blessings and we hope you will pass along TheBlessingBook to those you would like to bless.

Karla Kay Minick ~ The Blessing Lady

God’s blessings are the links which unify Karla’s life.  Raised in Michigan, a US marine based in Spain, a young wife and mother in Texas and North Carolina, a missionary in Asia (and London), Karla is now an empty-nest writer and local pet care pro. Different roles, different settings, different challenges and opportunities, are all infused with the same source of hope: the Lord who blesses us to be a blessing.

Karla has been faithful to share her blessings by blessing others.  This compounded cycle of receiving and giving blessings provides a treasure storehouse of insights into God’s Story.  I know few people with as thorough a personal knowledge and appreciation for even the most obscure Bible stories.  Add Karla’s delightfully unique way of looking at life and this is what we receive: a Story of stories, personal and biblical, to daily encourage us that God blesses, and so can we!

Blessed to be married to such a blessing,

Russell Minick