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The Blessing Book Study Guide 

Dear Friends,

What joy it is to travel with you through God’s blessings! Our love for God and for people grows as we experience His blessings and actively seek to share them with others.

I have two new books to share with you. The first is The Blessing Book –Revised and Expanded edition (2016). The new edition has the same meaningful chronologically arranged daily entries as the original devotional did. What’s new is they are now divided into eight chapters to highlight eight major events in God’s Story. Extra information is included, telling a little more detail to some of the personal stories.

The Blessing Book Study Guide is hot off the press and is a wonderful way to get interactive with God’s Story. This leads to joyfully blessing Him and people. I love this study guide, especially for groups. It is designed to be used with the original edition of The Blessing Book or the The Blessing Book –Revised and Expanded. The description available on Amazon provides many of the study’s details. (There are recipes included; study times are made even sweeter when tasty snacks are involved.)

God has been gracious to me as I continue to grow and I’m thankful to offer these contributions in hopes that others too grow in His goodness. I’m also happy to let you know that a portion of the proceeds from each purchased copy of The Blessing Book and the Study Guide supports Living Water International, a well drilling ministry which provides clean water and Jesus the Living Water to people all over the world.

If The Blessing Book has blessed you this year, would you consider taking a moment to review it on  Amazon?  A few quick lines about what made it special for you might help others. (And again, thank you if you have done this!)

If The Blessing Book is a blessing in your life, would you consider blessing someone with the gift of their own copy?  Even passing on this web-site could be a wonderful way for others to know God’s blessings daily. Would you consider sharing

If you are ready for deeper growth and greater joy, would you consider gathering a small group and hosting a Blessing Study?  The Blessing Book Study Guide is ideal to use with a rotation of facilitators, so it removes intimidation or heavy responsibility on one leader. Or would you consider choosing The Blessing Book Study Guide for your next Bible Study?

God has blessed us to be a blessing. Thank you for your encouraging love and support as we journey on together. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Many Blessings!


May the Lord bless his people with peace and happiness and let them celebrate. Psalm 64:10