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March highlights:

As we march through the month of March, Moses paused with God’s people to refocus them on the holiness and goodness of God.  We too are reminded that blessings come when we love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Before Moses died, he blessed the tribes of Israel and Joshua was appointed as the new leader.  Joshua faithfully led the beginning conquest of the Promised Land.  After his death, we get a sampling of what life was like during the period of the Judges.


February highlights:

In February we wrap up the life and ministry of Joseph, Jacob’s eleventh son.   Reading of the many ways that Joseph was blessed, and how he used his position in Pharaoh’s palace to bless the Israelites, we too are encouraged to bless.  Moses is the next major character in God’s Story. Excitement builds through the great escape from Egypt and God’s chosen people, now in large numbers, learn how to follow Him.  On our journey we are just steps away from entering the long awaited Promised Land.

January highlights:

We have traveled through a whole lot of blessings!   God blessed humanity over and over and we were introduced to people like Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Sarah, as well as Isaac and Rebekah.  God’s great covenant blessing in Genesis 12, that we are blessed to be a blessing, is now being passed on to Jacob.  February holds some great stories of how God’s Story continues to unfold, blessing after blessing.  Read on, be blessed and bless!  Feel free to pass along TheBlessingBook to those you would like to bless.  Love, Karla